Craig Smith Dow, born in Newfoundland and bred in Ontario and New Brunswick, would not say he consciously thought about becoming an artist. However, the need to express the visions in his mind’s eye was something that could not be ignored.
After his post-secondary education, he moved to Toronto in 1986 to work as a commercial photographer – even though Craig had no formal training in that particular field of photography. As the industry moved toward the digital age, Craig realized the challenges he enjoyed in his chosen career would be greatly minimized with automation. The magic and imagination of film would be gone, the fragile manipulation of light and angles finished.
In 1994, a six-month tour of North America re-awakened his love for landscape photography but also illuminated the limitations of that medium. Upon his return to New Brunswick, Craig began his explorations into fine art painting. Through trial and error, self-study and forays into different media, he ultimately settled upon acrylic and oils as being the best to express his vision.
Now, 20 years later, Craig has a number of exhibitions under his belt and several pieces – both photographs and paintings – in collections across North America, but is still learning to call himself an artist. He continues to explore the corners of his cranium, and strives to express his mind’s musings to his satisfaction.